Coastal Jaw Surgery Offers the Latest in Technology

When you take Coastal Jaw Surgery, you’re in expert hands. The highly experienced team that provides this type of oral healthcare service, consisting of board certified anesthesiologists and periodontists along with a board certified cosmetic dentist, provides comprehensive periodontal health care. They can provide services to repair, prevent, repair gum disease, rebuild tooth bone, and fillings that have been removed. They can also perform the minimally invasive laser gum surgery that is so popular today. Coastal Jaw Surgery

Cosmetic dental procedures that require the removal of teeth are among the top sought after services by patients seeking the best in oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry. In fact, cosmetic dental procedures rank second in overall demand among all types of surgeries performed by the medical team in Florida. Cosmetic surgery is defined as enhancing one’s appearance by altering the form or function of one or more body parts. Patients who have teeth removed due to disease, aging, accidents or other reasons will often find that their oral surgeons can perform the procedure in the comfort of their own home. This minimally invasive method of improving your smile and the way that you feel about yourself has made it very popular among many patients. click here

One reason that makes Coastal Jaw Surgery so popular is the highly skilled and compassionate patient care provided by these highly trained individuals. Patients who have had their teeth removed due to disease or accident are always in need of a high quality professional who will be able to restore their confidence and their self esteem. The ability of these professionals to help people heal, return to normal daily activities and feel good about themselves after any oral surgery is outstanding. In turn, the smiles of these individuals are greatly improved when they receive the comprehensive periodontal services from a board certified oral surgeons and their team.

The caring and compassionate attitude of the team at the Pacifica Institute for Periodontal and Cosmetic Surgery help set the stage for optimal dental care. The team at the Pacifica Institute for Periodontal and Cosmetic Surgery utilizes state of the art technology to provide comprehensive care for their patients. The team uses a variety of tools to not only diagnose gum disease, but also to provide the necessary treatment for healing to take place. If your need for emergency periodontal care is an oral surgeon’s emergency, the Pacifica Institute for Periodontal and Cosmetic Surgery can help you.

The highly qualified staff at the Pacifica Institute offers a full range of services to meet all of your needs. They offer a full range of surgical services, dental implants, periodontal treatments, and all of the tools that are required to provide superior periodontal care to patients. From day care services to medical office visits, the entire team is committed to providing their patients with the very best in periodontal care. The highly qualified medical team includes:

Coastal Jaw Surgery has been making the most of the latest technology available to provide personalized patient care. The goal is to offer the finest in cosmetic and reconstructive oral surgery. Our board certified Plastic Surgeon and oral surgeon, Dr. Samir Melki, is committed to using the latest techniques to not only assure our patients of the safest, but most effective surgery. We strive to offer world-class patient care and to provide our patients the very latest in technology available.

In order to repair damaged teeth, or to replace a damaged tooth, the surgical team at Coastal Jaw Surgery utilizes the most advanced cutting-edge technology available. Our surgeons are equipped with the tools and the training needed to make every possible attempt to correct the problem. For instance, in order to replace a single missing tooth, our team can perform a tooth extraction with a bridge, which bridges over the existing tooth and creates a permanent artificial gum line. Other procedures can include bone graft, gum tissue engineering, and even complete oral surgery for the whole mouth.

Most people have grown accustomed to dentist offices offering tooth-whitening and tooth-colouring procedures, like peroxide, tooth whitening gel, etc. However, there are many more treatments that we can perform at our office to ensure that everyone has a beautiful smile. Some of the services that we offer include full bridge and over-the-counter crowns, inlays, implants, dentures, crowns, bridges, dentures, orthodontics, implant bridges, etc. In addition, we also offer customized treatments for adults and children.