Saltwater Fishing Supply – More Than Just Fishing Equipment

Planning a saltwater fishing trip? In order to make sure that you have everything you need, you’ll need to plan in advance what kind of fishing supplies you need for your trip, and then pack them. However, many novice anglers forget that packing saltwater fishing supplies involves more than just packing your fishing equipment. Not sure what other saltwater fishing supply or supplies you’ll need? Consider that suitable clothing, health and safety items, and food and drink, whether you’re embarking on a day-long trip in familiar waters or heading out into unchartered territory for the night, are all a part of a safe and successful fishing trip. 

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First, let’s consider the actual fishing equipment, without which you won’t be able to fish–which may put a damper on your overall experience! The main equipment includes a fishing rod or rods, reels, enough line to last the trip, appropriate bait for saltwater fish, snips for cutting the nylon, a landing net, and large plastic bags. 

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One major saltwater fishing supply in addition to fishing equipment is proper clothing. You will need suitable and protective clothing for your fishing trip in order to be comfortable and to protect yourself from the elements, be it hot sun, strong winds, rain, or cool evening temperatures, as well as bugs. The key is to dress in layers. Consider wearing a polypropylene T-shirt, a flannelette shirt, sturdy yet lightweight trousers, and strong sandals. Bring along polypropylene long johns, boots, a fleece jacket, a rain poncho, waders, extra socks, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses. Of course, always take the time of year and current weather conditions into consideration.

Another type of saltwater fishing supply involves health and safety items. These supplies could include appropriate sunscreen, a first aid kit, matches, an army knife, a thermal blanket, a watch, a compass, a map, a cell phone–and don’t forget your fishing license!

Finally, don’t forget about food and beverages as part of your saltwater fishing supply list. First, make sure you bring plenty of clean water. But other drinks and snacks are important, too, to keep your energy and strength up throughout your trip. Juice boxes, tea, and coffee make great alternative beverages. Food could include sandwiches, dried fruit, fresh fruit, nuts or trail mix, snack or granola bars, fresh fruit, veggie sticks, and muffins.

Overnight trips should include more and a wider variety of food as an important saltwater fishing supply. Examples include dried milk, canned foods like soups, beans, and tuna (don’t forget the can opener), cheese, bread and spreads, and salt and/or sugar.

If you find you are lacking an important saltwater fishing supply mentioned here, or you’re missing several supplies, head to a local saltwater fishing supply store to get what you need. For food and drink, head to your local grocery store or stock up with materials you have on hand at home.