How to Spot a Genuine Hermes Handbag

If you are searching for a genuine Hermes Handbag then you will probably be shocked to learn that there are hundreds if not thousands of fakes being sold on the market today. The main problem with fake Hermes bags is that they are made to look like they are from the real thing but are almost never 100% genuine. As the owner of a genuine Hermes Handbag you know that the real thing will never fall out of fashion, will never get dirty, it will always be made from top quality materials and will never get scratched. Therefore, the next time that you are shopping for a Hermes Handbag then it will be important for you to look for the following signs to make sure that you are buying a genuine one.

First, look carefully at the label on the Hermes Handbag that you are planning to purchase. Every Hermes bag has a tag which states the make and model of the bag as well as the date it was manufactured. This is one of the best ways to tell an authentic Hermes handbag from a fake one because the label is always positioned to match the actual text on the back of the handbag. While this may not seem to be a good sign, in fact the label is used as an authentication device. If the tag does not match with the rest of the design and construction of the bag then it is almost certainly fake. Label Society

Second, the label on the Hermes Handbag should always have the name of the person who actually made the handbags. This is another way to tell if you are purchasing a real Hermes Handbag. The majority of fakes will have someone other than Hermes manufacture the handbags. This is why a large percentage of fakes will not have a name printed on the label.

Third, the handbags should never have any dents or tears in the fabric. Dents and tears on handbags are very common because most people use them on a daily basis. Therefore, the fabric should be intact and the seams should be completely intact. In fact, it is recommended that the bags should be cleaned before wearing them and that they should never be put through any kind of treatment that may weaken their stitching.

Fourth, when you are inspecting the bag check the weather for any signs of stitching or creases. because these can easily be removed by hand washing. If the leather appears to have any sort of blemish or discoloration then this may mean that the bag has been treated in some way. Some leather is even more sensitive than others and so it can be hard to remove if it is scratched or damaged in any way.

Fifth, look for damage to the handles on the handbags such as cracks, splits and holes. These are usually caused by the person handling the handbags causing the material to tear. If you notice that the material is bent, torn or ripped then you will need to discard it immediately because it is not likely to be a genuine Hermes Handbag.

Sixth, you will also want to look for a genuine Hermes Handbag to see if the zipper is in proper working order. The zipper is the only part of the bag that is not manufactured by Hermes. It should be able to easily turn closed and opened without a problem.

Seventh, if you are purchasing a Hermes Handbag from a website that offers you a refund then this will be an indication that the site is trying to defraud you of your money. A company cannot charge you for an item that is not available and that is what this means in this situation. If they do this then you are in danger of being scammed. When shopping online always check that the seller is legitimate.