Hell Or Well – Designing a Company Logo Design

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Designing a company’s business logo is like an everyday business for the modern day designer but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy task by any means. A company’s logo is like its identity in the actual and the virtual business world. It has to be the exact graphic representation of the company and everything about it especially when it’s not so big in the market and struggling to get to the top bench of the business world. 


Being a designer it’s very frustrating sometimes doing a company logo design because the business owners are not really sure most of the times what they are looking for in their logo and what it should be like and what should be the basic components of the corporate logo design. Once you finally design a logo using all your imagination and creativity skills and take it up to them for selection they turn around and say “this isn’t what I wanted” or things like “I wanted this in my logo” 

Fishing Logo Design

Here are a few guidelines to avoid such catastrophic situations and make a logo designing experience a good one for yourself and the clients too. These guidelines apply to both a small business or  corporate logo design.

  • Always ask for the overview of the company’s profile and what the company does.
  • Ask for the products and the services the company is providing.
  • Always take a detailed look on the target market of the company so that you can design a targeted logo.
  • If the company is unable to provide you the logos of some of the competitors in business look for it themselves so that you can significantly make their logo unique.
  • See if the company has ever had any kind of logos for their branding purposes and how they have used them and how successful they have been. This will give you an idea of what works for the company and what doesn’t.
  • Always ask for the usage of the logo. Ask them where they are going to use the logo as it can be used on numerous places like.

– External and Internal store sign boards
– Product Packaging
– Websites
– Stationery
– Marketing collateral i.e. posters, leaflets etc
– Point of Sale
– Promotional products

  • Always ask for what text is going to be used in the logo. It can be the company name or the tagline of the business or the USP.
  • Last but not the least always define the budget according to the design schedule you have planned and let the client know of your demand as it can be troubling negotiating the charges later on.

Following these guidelines as a logo designer you will be able to design logo web in a synchronized and controlled manner without the fear of repetitive revisions from the clients.