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1/2 Million download mark reached!

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That’s right, only 15 days ago we recorded our 100,000 download of KamiCrazy and now we have sped on to reach a prestigious 500,000 downloads, and counting, in a little over 3 weeks. To put this into perspective in the UK only three artists managed to sell over 1/2 million singles in 2008 and we’re hot on the heals of Alexandra Burke, Duffy and the X-Factor crew and look likely to top their figures in the coming weeks. Although we’re still a long way off Grand Theft Auto IV, the top selling game in 2008 with worldwide sales of an amazing 6million+

All the developers of the game are very thankful to everyone that has played the game, it’s a great feeling to know you’ve reached so many people around the world. We’re hard at work on still more improvements to the game and extra levels that will be coming your way soon.

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100,000+ Downloads

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We reached a major milestone yesterday a lot faster than we thought with over 100,000 people downloading KamiCrazy from the App Store throughout the world in just 8 days. We’re currently shifting through the data and we’ll get some pretty graphs up here soon once we’ve made sense of it all ourselves.

We’re excited that so many people have been able to enjoy our game and we want to stress we’re listening to the feedback and we’ve got some tasty improvements to the game coming very shortly that should make the game even more enjoyable!

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KamiCrazy Available on the App Store

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We’re happy to announce that KamiCrazy has been approved by Apple and can now be found on the App store worldwide for both iPhone and iPod Touch users.

The game can be found here, so please take a look and give it a go. Once you’ve played it, lets us know what you think here.
Happy Gaming!

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KamiCrazy Submitted

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The final build of KamiCrazy has been submitted today to the Apple App Store and is awaiting approval. If all goes well, fingers crossed, it should be available early next week for you to play in all it’s glory.

We’ve set up a support site HERE for you to post your comments and requests so feel free to make yourself heard.

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